July 1, 2023  

Kamal Baker

Updates to Minimum Wage Increases Take Effect Today

SAINT PAUL, MNAs scheduled, minimum wage increases for large, small, and micro businesses go into effect today, July 1, 2023. The minimum wage increase to $15.19 went into effect for macro businesses on January 1, 2023. 

Effective today, the minimum wage hourly rate will be:  

  • $15.00 for large businesses (101-10,000 employees) 
  • $13.00 for small businesses (6-100 employees) 
  • $11.50 for micro businesses (5 employees or less) 

All employers must count all employees, whether employed full-time, part-time, jointly with another employer, or on a temporary basis, including employees not located in Saint Paul.  

On November 14, 2018, Mayor Carter signed into law a citywide Minimum Wage Ordinance, raising the minimum wage for business across our city beginning in 2020. The minimum wage rates increase annually, depending on business size. 

The Saint Paul Department of Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) Is responsible for education and enforcement of the Minimum Wage Ordinance.  

Review more information on the Minimum Wage Ordinance. 


Last Edited: July 3, 2023