Construct a new bridge system to replace the existing 85-year old bridge. Major improvements include providing a shared pedestrian and bike facility through the Exchange Street viaduct connecting the Sam Morgan Regional Trail (Shepard Road) to the future Capital City Bikeway on Kellogg Boulevard, improving the RiverCentre/Xcel Energy Center loading dock access ramps located under the bridge, and incorporating utility infrastructure improvements.

The reconstruction will:

  • Enhance pedestrian safety
  • Improve access to regional bikeways and trails
  • Incorporate public art
  • Maintain existing traffic patterns
  • Improve loading dock access
  • Upgrade utility infrastructure

Eastbound Kellogg Boulevard between West 7th Street and Market Street including the Exchange Street viaduct connecting Kellogg Boulevard to Eagle Street and the loading dock exit road below Eastbound Kellogg Boulevard

Tentatively scheduled for 2023 (dependent on funding)


    Art Design Concept

    To view the Art Design Concept for the Exchange Street Tunnel and a brief description of the design, click the link below and then click on Art Design Concept on the menu at the top of the new page below the title or scroll down the new page to the Art Design Concept section.

    Art Design Concepts are also available here as a PDF.

    Art Design Concept

    Preliminary Design & Interactive Experience

    Learn more about the Eastbound Kellogg RiverCentre Bridge Project:

    • Historic photos
    • Walk through the project site
    • 3-D renderings of the preliminary design
    Preliminary Design & Interactive Experience

    Survey Summary: What We Heard

    Thanks to everyone who took the survey. The survey was the first round of community engagement on the Eastbound Kellogg RiverCentre Bridge. The feedback received helped to shape the Art Design Concept. 

    See below to view the Art Design Concept and share your feedback on it.

    Read a summary of the feedback received through the survey.

    Read answers to commonly asked questions raised in the survey feedback.

    Frequently Asked Questions