150.06 Courtesy

Effective law enforcement depends on a high degree of cooperation between the department and the public it serves. The practice of courtesy in all public contacts encourages understanding and appreciation; discourtesy breeds contempt and resistance. The majority of the public are law-abiding people who rightfully expect fair and courteous treatment by department employees. While the urgency of a situation might preclude the ordinary social amenities, discourtesy under any circumstances is indefensible. The practice of courtesy by an officer is not a manifestation of weakness; it is, on the contrary, entirely consistent with the firmness and impartiality that characterizes a professional police officer.

All employees are expected to act with courtesy in the course of exercising their duties. To provide the community with trusted service with respect, all employees shall refrain from using abusive or indecent language, to include profanity, in the performance of their duties.  A violation of this policy may result in discipline.

Updated January 14, 2019