204.00 Traffic, Case Number and Business Cards

Saint Paul Police Department policies provide for the use of two types of business cards by its employees. All Saint Paul Police Department sworn personnel must obtain and use the mandatory business cards.

Use of Mandatory Traffic/CN:

The Saint Paul Police Department is committed to having all of its officers identify themselves by name to the people they serve. To provide this identification, the Saint Paul Police Department will facilitate the use of traffic/CN cards by every officer. All officers must obtain and carry city-approved and printed cards. The primary response officer on scene, and any other officer as requested, will be required to provide their mandatory card during any of the following situations:

  • When anyone asks for the officer's name, badge number or card.
  • At all traffic stops.
  • To any identified victim or complainant at all calls for service.

The only exception to honoring a citizen’s request for an officer’s business card is as follows:

  • SPPD officers deployed as a part of a formal Mobile Field Force (MFF) operation are exempt from producing a business card when asked. This exemption will only be granted when the incident Commander has deployed officers in a MFF capacity. This exemption is granted not to conceal an officer’s identity but because officers are trained as a part of a MFF not to individually interact with the public during a MFF detail. However, the department requires all MFF personnel be identified by their badge number on the front and rear of their helmets.

It is the responsibility of all supervisory personnel to ensure that officers acquire, carry, and employ the cards while performing duties of a police officer. The back of the card shall contain the following statement, "If you have a comment or concern about the service you have received, you may report it to the Saint Paul Police Department, the Police and Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission or one of the organizations listed below: Organizations on this list have agreed to function as community complaint centers for the Saint Paul Police Department."

Each officer may be issued 1,000 mandatory traffic/CN cards per year. Officers who need additional cards during the year will request them through the office of the assistant chief. Mandatory cards will be provided at the city's expense.

Optional Personalized Business Cards:

In addition to the mandatory traffic/CN cards described above, all employees have the option of having personalized business cards. This card does not replace the mandatory card. Only the mandatory card must be used in the situations described above. Officers may use only the card printed by the city and authorized by the chief of police.

The purpose of the personalized card is to provide an easy means of identification for a person who will have a need to reach department personnel at some future time. The card bears the Saint Paul Police badge logo with department identification and information regarding name, rank, telephone number, unit, etc., preprinted on the card. Sworn officer’s cards will be charged to the officer’s clothing allowance.  All other employee’s cards will be charged to the unit’s budget with approval by the unit commander. Orders for personalized cards are taken through the office of the assistant chief.

There are separate forms for traffic/CN cards and for personalized business cards. Both can be found on the department intranet web site.

Only cards described above may be used by department personnel unless authorized by the chief of police.

Revised May 16, 2017