237.00 Department Policy on MNCIS Government Login Accounts

The State of Minnesota provides government agencies access to the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS).  This access is offered by the State to assist government agencies in the efficient performance of duties as required by law and court rules. The Saint Paul police department encourages shared services between agencies.

MNCIS Master Nondisclosure Agreement:

The Saint Paul Police Department has entered into a Master Nondisclosure Agreement with the State of Minnesota for MNCIS Government Login Accounts. 

The Agreement defines obligations of police department employees who have been given access to MNCIS public and or confidential case records.  All department employees will comply with terms of the Master Nondisclosure Agreement.  Users will access MNCIS records only to the extent available in the approved MNCIS government login account that pertains to their current assigned unit. 

The chief of police will approve amendments to the agreement. 

MNCIS Access Requests and Changes:

The department uses the Odyssey Assistant (OA) version of MNCIS.  The state offers OA login accounts for each separate business unit within a government agency. [Redacted]. To initially obtain a login account, unit commanders must complete a “Request for MNCIS Login Account” and forward it to their division assistant chief for approval.  If multiple login accounts are needed within a unit each separate sub-unit must submit a login account application.  [Redacted]. 

Public Case Records:

Units at SPPD with OA access to MNCIS public case records will be able to query statewide public cases in the Minnesota District Courts.  Case search by party, MNCIS case number, warrant number as well as case information, calendar and full financial information are available.

Authorized department staff accessing public case records in MNCIS should understand those records are provided to aid staff in the efficient performance of their duties as required by law and court rules.  The records will help staff update themselves on the status and disposition of cases in the court system.  Staff may disclose the public records as needed in the course of their duties.  Saint Paul Police Department staff will refer public requests for MNCIS records not immediately related to staff duties to Second Judicial District Court. 

Confidential Case Records:

Units that have an additional business need to access certain groups of confidential case records from Ramsey County must complete either a Request for MNCIS Login Account, if the unit has no previous login account or a change request

 Form for MNCIS Login Account for this access.  The request form must be approved by an assistant chief of police and then the Second Judicial District Court Chief Judge.   

Unit commander requests to access confidential Minnesota court records outside of Ramsey County will also need the approval of their assistant chief.  This access may require a State Supreme Court order. 

Unit commanders requesting confidential case records must review the section of Policies and Notices for MNCIS Government Login Accounts that pertains to the type of confidential records access requested.

Unit commanders requesting access to confidential case records will handle the approval process and notify the records unit manager if the access is approved. 

The Master Nondisclosure Agreement regulates disclosing State confidential information.  Units with access to confidential case records must adhere to state court requirements on the use of those records.  These requirements are described in the Master Nondisclosure Agreement, Policies and Notices for MNCIS Government Access Login Accounts and Table of Limits on Public Access to Case Records.    

Requests for New Accounts or Account Changes on Public Case Records:

Once approved by an assistant chief, requests for MNCIS login accounts or changes to login accounts must be forwarded to the records unit manager.  The records unit manager will note the requested change and will forward the requests to the State Access Representative for the Second Judicial District Court. 

Contact Person for MNCIS and Records Unit Duties:

The records unit manager will act as the agency contact person for MNCIS.  The Records Unit will maintain a list of all units with access to MNCIS.  The Records Unit will stay apprised of State policy changes for access to MNCIS, Policies and Notices for Government Access Login Accounts, and Table of Public Access.  The records unit will provide updated versions of changes to the above to the chief, assistant chiefs and unit commanders with access to MNCIS.  The records unit manager will update the department policy on MNCIS access as needed. 

Unit Commander Duties:

Unit commanders will authorize MNCIS users within their unit and maintain a record of their staff with a MNCIS password and the date staff were given access to MNCIS.  The list is subject to audit at the request of the State. 

Unit commanders will maintain in the unit and make available to all users a copy of Master Nondisclosure Agreement, Policies and Notices for MNCIS Government Login Accounts and a Table of Limits Public Access to Case Records.  

Commanders of units with confidential case records access to MNCIS records must obtain from staff with access to the confidential records a written acknowledgment that such staff have read the Master Nondisclosure agreement. 

Unit commanders requesting to have their unit’s existing account removed must forward a completed change request form to their deputy chief for approval.

Unit commanders may authorize a Change Request Form for MNCIS Login Account for password changes as needed to maintain security with access to MNCIS account(s) in their units.   

Technology Unit Duties:

The technology unit will designate a staff person as technical support person who will act as a contact for State technical support and who will assist with the support for department units with access to MNCIS. This designated staff person may initiate and authorize changes to static IP addresses.

MNCIS Minnesota Public Access:

The state also makes available to government agencies and the general public a web based version of a MNCIS login account called Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Courthouse View.  Records in MPA are not official records, should not be used for background checks and name checks may be unreliable.  

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Revised April 27, 2018