The purpose of this policy is to establish clear guidelines, responsibilities, and consistency for posting onto the Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) Internet Site photos of persons arrested in the City of Saint Paul and booked into the Ramsey County Jail for prostitution related crimes.

Posting Procedures:

Persons arrested in Saint Paul and booked into the Ramsey County Jail for prostitution related offenses, will have the following public information posted onto the SPPD Internet within thirty (30) days of arrest:

  • Booking photo
  •  Name
  •  Age
  •  City of residence
  •  Date and location of arrest
  •  Other arrest/incident data

The content of the webpage shall be maintained by the vice unit. The unit commander shall ensure that the following protocol is followed:

  1. The vice unit officer will obtain, compile, and verify the information to be posted.
  2. The data will be turned over to the vice unit sergeant who will independently verify the information and forward onto a third member of vice unit for another verification of accuracy.
  3. Only after three personnel have verified the accuracy of the information will it be approved for placement onto the Internet by a person designated by the unit.

The photos and incident information will be removed at or before 90 days have elapsed after the arrest. Photos may be removed prior to the 90 days if a formal written request is received in the vice unit from the arrestee for situations where the City of Saint Paul Attorneys Office declines prosecution of their case.

A copy of the photos, arrest information, date of posting, date of removal, and accuracy sign-off sheet will be kept in the vice unit for a minimum of one (1) year from date of posting.

Effective May 8, 2012

Last Edited: March 21, 2017