321.00 Crime Prevention

This function is under the direct supervision of the district commander.


The Saint Paul Police Department is committed to the development and perpetuation of community crime prevention programs. The department recognizes that crime is a social phenomenon that requires a coordinated response involving both the community and the police department in order to be successful.


Police officers and crime prevention staff will perform residential and commercial security surveys in an attempt to show what steps could be taken to make homes and businesses more crime resistant.  The crime prevention staff will also be involved in the education of businesses and the community through presentations and other educational opportunities.


  • Crime prevention services will include surveying. Residential and commercial security surveys will be conducted by crime prevention staff upon request or referral by members of the department.
  • Crime prevention outreach done by the department staff routinely includes, but is not limited to:
  • Community festivals
  • Safety fairs
  • Residential building events
  • Neighborhood groups
  • National Night Out
  • Special events sponsored by community groups, churches, and businesses
  • Training, follow-up, assistance in Crime Free Multi-Housing
  •  Inter-governmental events
  • Department hosted training sessions

Full-time staff for crime prevention education is assigned to each of the three patrol districts and are expected to provide department personnel and community members with all resources available to further the education of the public on topics of prevention and safety. Sharing of staff resources between the patrol districts is expected and should be coordinated by the district investigation commanders.

Resources available for the crime prevention function:

  • Printed material for distribution by officers at scenes of crimes or by crime prevention staff at meetings, seminars, surveys, etc.
  • Video presentations for crime prevention presentations or in-service training, maintained by the crime prevention unit.
  • Explorer post members.
  • District police officers.
  • Neighborhood groups.
  • Media attention.
  •  A list of foreign language and sign specialists is a required resource for the unit.

Revised July 1, 2011