333.04 Crime Prevention Program

The department employs specialists in each patrol district responsible for reaching out to the community to provide advice and assistance in preventing crime.

Residential security survey program:

  • Uniform premise survey forms shall be filled out at all surveys and a copy of said survey left with the concerned person.
  • Ongoing consultation with departmental personnel to better enable the unit to respond to changing techniques in criminal activity.
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the latest security hardware, locks, and a rudimentary knowledge of alarm systems and related items to serve as a resource for the department, city offices and the community.

Literature drop program:

Utilize volunteers in an attempt to saturate a targeted area with crime prevention materials.

Special programs:

  • Develop special programs on as needed basis with assistance from the research and development unit and/or investigative units.
  • Upon request, provide presentations to interested civic, community, business and neighborhood groups on any subject relating to crime prevention

Community education program:

  • National Night Out
  • Crime Free Multi-Unit Housing
  • Community/business and crime prevention seminars:

     o  Shoplifting detection

     o  Personal safety

     o  Robbery prevention

    o  Residential security measures

     o  Violence

     o  Gangs

     o  Graffiti

     o  Drugs

(See crime prevention General Orders 333.00: Community and Volunteer Services and 333.01: Community Relations)

Revised July 1, 2011