The classification of radio calls with five priority designations are as follows:

  • Priority 1 and 2 calls are designated as emergency.
  • Priority 3 calls are designated as urgent.
  • Priority 4 and 5 calls are designated as routine.

General Priority Guidelines:

Priority 1

  • Officer down, injured, or needs immediate assistance in a critical situation.

Priority 2

  • Any crime in progress.
  • Activity which indicates a crime is about to be committed or has just been committed where suspects are in the area.
  • Any matter which the caller reasonably indicates is of an urgent matter.
  • Intrusion or robbery alarm.
  • Any matter involving serious personal injury or imminent threat of serious injury.
  • Emergency assistance required by the fire department (not DOAs).
  • Physical domestics

Priority 3

  • Domestics, neighbor trouble, etc., where no threat of personal safety exists.
  • Suspicious people, vehicles, window peepers, prowlers, trespassers, exposers, etc.
  • Traffic crashes, no personal injury.
  • Assist the fire department with a DOA.
  • Fights, mutual affrays, without weapons.
  • Assist any agency not amounting to priority 1 or priority 2.
  • Report of a citizen holding a suspect not amounting to a priority 1 or 2, does not include shoplifters.

Priority 4

  • Offense reports where no suspect is present and no personal threat exists.
  • Assist citizen in non-emergency matter.
  • Shoplifters being held by store security personnel.
  • Drunks, emotionally disturbed persons, disorderly persons, not threatening physical harm.

Priority 5

  • Miscellaneous request for service.
  • Barking dogs.
  • Loud party.
  • Loud radios, etc.
  • Parking complaints.

Revised July 1, 2011

Last Edited: December 5, 2018