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Welcome to the new and improved online home of Saint Paul Market Watch! We want this Market Watch website to provide an ongoing, timely, accurate, and useful window into key community and economic development trends throughout Saint Paul.

We've brought together information on a range of important indicators in the city to tell the story of today's Saint Paul. We think this context is useful to businesses looking to expand in our city, housing and commercial developers deciding when and where to build, policymakers shaping the future of our city, and residents seeking to better understand the place we call home.

We've worked hard to compile data from a variety of sources and have it tell a timely and coherent story. For those new to city-building, we work to explain the data and what it means. And for professionals in real estate, community and economic development, we work to pull together a variety of tools to help you make better decisions.  Your suggestions, comments and questions are very welcome – our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Market Watch can be read in full by using the blue buttons at bottom to lead you through.  Alternately, you can use the navigation links in the green box on this page to jump to a specific section of interest. These are the four sections, and clicking on these links will also take you to the start of each section.

  1. Building and Development
  2. Real Estate Market
  3. Employment and Wages, and
  4. Demographics

The Market Watch Team


Jonathan Sage-Martinson, Department Director - 651-266-6565
Bob SpauldingResearch Analyst & Market Watch Team Lead - 651-266-6635
Dylan RichardsonResearch & Design
Alicia Valenti, Research & Design

City of Saint Paul
Department of Planning & Economic Development (PED)