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MSP TechHire prepares students through accelerated training boot camps or online training to become service/help desk, desktop support and/or software developers depending on which training students access.  In addition to in-demand technical skills, training includes soft skills like workplace communications and connections to employers with job openings and an interest in looking at non-traditional candidates.  Hired graduates receive ongoing support as they acclimate to their work environment to ensure long-term success and continued growth.

In response to the rapid growth of tech jobs, the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul have teamed up with 60 regional employers and three high-quality accelerated learning programs continuing to produce innovative programs and solutions to help meet this demand, including:

  • PRIME Digital Academy, who recently launched a new program aimed at producing in-demand user experience design talent from the local community.
  • Creating It Futures piloted a soft skills course called PrepareU, targeted for IT workers and is looking at additional courses to meet employer needs such as project management and cybersecurity. 
  • The Software Guild now offers a 10-14 month part-time online program to increase student access to education and employers.  The online course teaches the same soft skills and tech skills as the on-the-ground trainings.

Since the programs first inception in 2015, MSP TechHire has:

  • Graduated over 900 students from accelerated learning programs;
  • Guided 748 graduates to full-time positions, earning an average salary of $48,000
  • Connected with over 430 engaged employers across industry sectors.

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