Resolution 21-886, passed by City Council on June 16, 2021, established the Saint Paul City Council Legislative Advisory Committee on Reparations appointing Veronica Burt, Trahern Crews and Yohuru Williams as the conveners and Theresa Cunningham, Lynette Harris, Amber Jones, Benjamin Mchie, Nick Muhammad, Jessica Nickrand, Jose Perez, Khulia Pringle, Vic Rosenthal and Jerry Thomas as members. 

The Reparations Legislative Advisory Committee met for 1 year: July 2021 through June 2022. The committee produced a written report for the City Council and presented its recommendations on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

The Reparations Legislative Advisory Committee reported back to the City Council with:

  • Draft Ordinance to Establish the Saint Paul Recovery Act Community Reparations Commission, as a permanent standing commission of the city  
                                         Draft Ordinance
  • Companion Report with commentary and supplemental information

                               Companion Report  

  • Slide deck providing an overview of the LAC's work 

                                Presentation Slides

Once established, the Saint Paul Recovery Act Community Reparations Commission will recommend actions to address the creation of generational wealth for the American Descendants of Chattel Slavery and boost economic mobility and opportunity in the Black community. 

The City Council received this information and proceeded to implement the recommendations,
culminating in the establishment of this Commission in January 2023.

Last Edited: January 24, 2023