Vibrant Main Streets

  • Authored a Complete Streets resolution that passed unanimously in March 2009 and directed staff to develop an implementation plan by early 2010.
  • Initiated collaboration among City staff, Councilmember Carter III, and Mayor Coleman to develop a Parking Solutions Program on University Avenue in anticipation of the Central Corridor Light Rail line as a way to support businesses on the Avenue.

Energy Efficient Living

  • Developed a Ward 4 Greenhab pilot in partnership with the Neighborhood Energy Connection and SPARC. The project includes home energy efficiency workshops and piloting energy efficiency improvements in vacant and/or foreclosed houses in Ward 4.

Connected Communities

Living Wage Jobs and More Housing Choices

These two issues must be connected if St. Paul is to remain a thriving city. People want to work near home and to have access to good quality homes located near employment centers. We also need a variety of housing types and options for people who want to move on from the single family home.

Last Edited: April 3, 2019