Advancing Wealth Justice for the Citizens of Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul has partnered with Chloe B. McKenzie and her team at 10Seven to conduct a study on Saint Paul residents' financial experiences. In an effort to fulfill the Mayor’s promise to advance economic justice, the City of Saint Paul is commissioning research to learn about the best ways to improve economic opportunities and outcomes for residents. 
As shared on his platform, "As Saint Paul continues to grow, the greatest challenge our city faces is to make sure that growth reaches all corners of our city – especially the neighborhoods that need it most. [Mayor Carter] knows that we cannot reach our city’s full potential unless we realize the full potential that already exists within our city."

Through the work of 10Seven, we will gain in-depth data that has never been collected before, and it will inform the necessary policy shifts to create a more equitable system. 10Seven is a different kind of social justice organization. They are dedicated to understanding financial experiences across all parts of society, helping cities grow, progress, and protect their most vulnerable while minimizing social destruction.

How to Get Involved

Let your story be heard and help the city by sharing your real life financial experiences. For this study, Chloe and her team would like to connect with you, and as many citizens as possible, to capture diverse perspectives, including your history and financial experiences in Saint Paul. If you are interested in being interviewed, contact to schedule yours today; interviews can take up to 90 minutes - virtual and in-person options are available. If you prefer a more personal option, complete this survey. Click here to complete the survey.

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Last Edited: October 25, 2023