City Sprinkler System Funding Assistance

How does it Work?

  • In the interest of public safety and subject to the requirements of law, the program authorizes the construction, reconstruction, alteration, extension, operation and maintenance of fire protection systems for the purpose of promoting fire safety in existing buildings.
  • If funding is sufficient, the Office of Financial Services will prepare a City Council resolution that authorizes the fire sprinkler project and establishes a project budget.  Unless specifically waived by Council, the petition must be approved by the Council before installation of the proposed fire protection sprinkler system may begin.
  • Upon completion the property owner submits final invoices, DSI/Fire Inspection inspects the installation work and approves moving forward with ratification of the assessment.
  • The Office of Financial Services prepares documents to ratify the assessment and following City Council approval issues a check to the contractor(s) up to the approved amount.
  • The assessment amount levied against the property will be payable with property taxes over 20 years.

What Should the Property Owner do?

What Steps Will the City Take?

  • Once the petition and agreement are received, the city will check to see that funds are available.
  • If funds are available, the Office of Financial Services (OFS) will send the project and budget to City Council, where it will either be waived, approved, or rejected.
  • Once approved, the plans will be sent to the Fire Safety division.
  • The Office of Financial Services changes the status of the project to “pending”.
  • A licensed contractor installs the sprinkler system.
  • The contractor will contact the Fire Safety Inspections division to perform inspections of the work once before ceilings are put in and once after all work has been completed.
  • The Fire Safety Inspections division notifies the Office of Financial Services that the work has been completed and approved.
  • The petitioner submits all invoices and lien waivers to the Office of Financial Services (, which are reviewed by OFS and City Council.
  • The Office of Financial Services requests a check from the Treasury division.
  • The check is delivered to the property owner or contractor, who provides a signed receipt, completing the process.

    The Office of Financial Services: Lynn Rolf (651) 266-8851
    Fire Safety Division: Ann Blaser (651) 266-9140

Last Edited: April 25, 2023