1.   What does the SSSC pay for?

The SSSC pays for the operation and maintenance of the city’s storm sewer system and funds programs to improve the quality of storm water runoff as required by the City’s federal storm water permit and local watershed districts.

2.   What if I think my charge is incorrect?

If you believe your property is incorrectly classified or the charge is incorrectly calculated, contact Real Estate/Assessments at 651-266-8858

3.   What if I want a review of my charge due to storm water management on my property?

Property owners may seek a review of their storm sewer system charge by filing a written request for review with the Department of Public Works, 25 W. 4th Street, 700 City Hall Annex, Saint Paul, MN 55102.

The request must be filed within thirty (30) days of the mailing of the annual bill and shall explain the grounds for which the review is requested. The payment remains due and payable while the petition is under review. If Public Works determines that a discount is warranted, the storm sewer system charge will be adjusted.

4.   When does the City bill me for the SSSC?

The City will mail invoices to property owners at the end of August.

5.   When is my SSSC payment due?

All payments are due by November 15, 2021. If you do not pay by that date, the amount due plus interest will appear on your 2022 property tax statement.

6.   Why are there separate due dates for the Storm Sewer System Charge and Street Maintenance Service Program invoices?

The Street Maintenance Service Program is billed out as a maintenance fee and property owners are given 30 days to pay the fee.  If we do not receive payment in 30 days, we process the fee as an assessment, which includes City Council approval by mid-November.  We are then authorized to send the charge to Ramsey County for collection with property owners’ next year’s property taxes.  Between the September 30th deadline to pay the fee and the November 15th deadline to pay the assessment we continue to accept payments. 

The Storm Sewer System Charge is unique and does not require processing as an assessment in order to collect with property taxes, and we do not need a 30-day payment window.  We can accept payments until November 15, which is the final payment date for all assessments and charges. 

7.   Why is the Storm Sewer System Charge the first invoice in the mailing I received?

The Storm Sewer System Charge Invoice is first because it is the only invoice property owners receive for that charge.   We do not want owners to miss that invoice, since no other mailings are sent.  The Street Maintenance Service Program has a follow up notice, as a reminder, if a property owner misses the first invoice.

8.   Why is there no indication of two invoices in the mailing you sent me?

Not every property in Saint Paul is sent two invoices.  Some properties are exempt or land-locked and only receive one invoice.

9.   Why was I told it’s okay to pay both invoices by Nov 15, but you sent me a notice stating I didn’t pay one of them by Sept 30?

The notice was for non-payment of the Street Maintenance Service Program fee within 30 days (by Sept 30).  After that date the City processes the fee as an assessment, which has the later November 15 payment deadline, November 15 is the final payment date for all assessments and charges prior to certification to property taxes.

10.  Why can’t the City mail the two invoices separately so there is no confusion?

We send both invoices to property owners in the same envelope because it saves approximately $30,000 in mailing costs.  It also gives property owners the opportunity to pay both charges together if they choose.

11.  Why do you state I was billed in August when I never received an invoice?

There are a few possible reasons you didn’t get the mailing including the Storm Sewer System Charge invoice and Street Maintenance Service Program invoice.  First, the Invoices were sent to the address on file with Ramsey County Property Records and Revenue.  If you have a change of address, please call Ramsey County at 651-266-2000 to update your mailing address.  Second, you may have missed seeing one of the invoices in the August mailing.  Please double-check your envelope.  Third, perhaps the issue was with delivery.  We apologize if you’re missing one or both of the invoices.  We can provide replacements upon request.


Last Edited: April 9, 2021