1. How do I get a fire engine and firefighters to attend an event/block party in my neighborhood?

Call the Fire Department at 651-224-7811 and we'd be happy to take your request.

2. How do I become a Saint Paul Firefighter?

Check out the following webpage: https://www.stpaul.gov/departments/human-resources/jobs/firefighter-information

3. Can I have a campfire in my backyard?

You can have a recreational fire on your property if you meet the safety requirements of the State Fire Code: 

Recreational Fire & Open Burning

4. Who should I contact to have someone from the Saint Paul Fire Department speak to our group?

Contact Bethany Brunsell (Public Education Coordinator) at (651) 228-6239.

5. Who do I contact if I/my group wants to tour a fire station?

Call the fire station you wish to tour and ask to speak to the Fire Captain. Fire Station phone numbers can be found here: Fire Stations

6. How can I obtain a fire, medical, or inspection report?

A fire report can be obtained by contacting Fire Investigations Unit at (651) 228-6264.

Call (651) 228-6253 to obtain a medical report.

To obtain an inspection report, call the Department of Safety and Inspection at (651) 266-8989.

7.  How do I let emergency responders know about the medical condition or disability of someone in my home?

Complete the Ramsey County Residential Emergency Response form and return it to the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center

8. Can someone from the Saint Paul Fire Department check or install my child's car seat?

Yes! You can either attend a FREE car seat clinic, co-hosted with Regions Hospital or you can call 651-228-6203 to set up a FREE one-on-one appointment with one of Saint Paul Fire's Child Passenger Seat Technicians.  For car seat clinic information, click here: 


Last Edited: September 29, 2022