Saint Paul Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Academy is a tuition-free emergency medical technician (EMT) certification program.  Candidates receive pay for training, learn about careers in public safety, and gain skills and certifications required to start careers in EMS.  Upon completion of the 12 weeks of paid training, graduates earn National EMT certification, and job competency training.

The EMS Academy is designed for low-income, underrepresented communities, and women residents of Saint Paul or Ramsey County.  Recruitment is targeted to youth of diverse ethnicity, linguistic ability, and cultural experience, with the goal of building an EMS workforce reflective of Saint Paul’s communities. 

The EMS Academy is celebrating its 14-year Anniversary, and this will be the 22nd class.  In total the EMS Academy has had 332 graduates since starting in 2009.  Graduates have gone on to paramedic school, worked in local hospitals and emergency rooms, been hired by the Saint Paul Fire BLS Division, or hired by other metro area ambulance services.  16 EMS academy graduates have gone on to be Saint Paul Firefighters 

EMS Academy 2022
Fall 2022 EMS Academy Graduates

To learn more about the EMS Academy, view our promotional video. 

EMS Academy

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Future EMS Academy Class Offerings

The Saint Paul Fire Department will be hosting three EMS Academies in 2024.

January – March 2024: High School Senior's in Saint Paul Public Schools, who have a 2.5GPA, have taken a PSEO course previously or who have taken an AP course with a passing grade will have the ability to participate in the EMS academy through school. Please see your High School Counselor for more information.

June – August 2024: Saint Paul resident age's 18-24, with a high school diploma or GED, from for low-income or underrepresented communities, will have the opportunity to apply through Right Track and participate in this summer offering.

September – November 2024: Ramsey County resident 18 and older (low-income/on public assistance) will be eligible for our fall offering.  This class is offered in partnership with Ramsey County, candidates must be a resident of Ramsey County and meet county income requirements. 

*All course graduates receive 9 college credits or can receive articulation paperwork for credit. Right track and Ramsey County receive stipends as they are adult programs. All candidates must pass a DHS background check. EMS Academy is offered in partnership with Right Track, Saint Paul Public Schools, and Ramsey County.

Last Edited: November 6, 2023