Building Maintenance Division provides repairs, remodeling and preventive maintenance for all Fire Department Properties, equipment, and furnishings. The buildings consist of the following; Administration, 15 Active Fire Stations, Vehicle Maintenance Garage, Training Facilities, Reserve Storage Building and other department properties.

The maintenance consists of (but is not limited to) the repair/replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment, 99 overhead garage doors, 48 vehicle exhaust systems, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, fire tools, designing and building training props at all 24 building locations.

Building Maintenance Division is also responsible for the purchasing of Hazardous Material supplies, purchasing and maintenance of all physical fitness equipment, ordering and distribution of all custodial supplies, mattress replacement, processing all invoices and payments associated with the operations of building maintenance including gas, electric, water, trash, property insurance and all necessary equipment to keep buildings in a safe working environment.

On going Priorities

  1. Provide repairs and preventive maintenance for all buildings, equipment, and furnishings at 24 fire facilities.
  2. Seek ways to improve the energy efficiency of all facilities.
  3. Inspect, identify and record deficiencies in facilities and equipment that will require long range replacement/updating.
  4. Continue life cycle replacement for appliances, HVAC, roofs, garage doors, and vehicle exhaust systems based on the component age and frequency of repairs.

Last Edited: April 4, 2019