HR Consulting Services includes Employment, Organizational Design, and Employee Development. We provide inclusive, quality customer service that promotes organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

We increase individual performance by consulting with supervisors and employees to improve work unit productivity and ensure that employees have the skills to be successful. The HR Consulting Services Section is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a classification and compensation system
  • Redesigning structures and evaluating jobs
  • Enhancing team and leadership effectiveness
  • Addressing performance management issues
  • Developing strategic and operational plans
  • Coordinating City-wide recruitment and assessment
  • Administering the selection process and giving examinations for certified City employment
  • Promoting a diverse City workforce and assisting City departments in achieving their workforce diversity goals
  • Conducting Diversity training

If interested in serving as a Community Hiring Panel Member for future City of Saint Paul Department Director hiring processes, please complete the linked form below.

Community Hiring Panel Interest Form

Last Edited: June 8, 2021