Job Feature of the Week: Senior Workers Compensation Claims Processor

Vanessa N. and Chuck F. - Senior Workers Compensation Claims Processors

Q: How do you support the mission of your organization?

VN: I support Human Resource’s mission by providing a high level of customer service to our diverse employee population. 

CF: To treat customers and employees with the utmost respect.

Q: What are the important job functions for success in your job?

VN: The most important job function I have is communication, specifically verbal communication. Many of my injured workers can tell you, I live by the motto, “I may not always be able to say yes, but when the answer is no, I can and will explain to you why I cannot say yes.” I think people underestimate the power of verbal communication. If there is an issue, go “old school”; it’s okay to pick up the phone and have a conversation. A letter or email can deliver an unintended tone. In my line of work, verbal communication is the best way to resolve issues on the front end. Honest and direct communication will create a foundation of trust and as a fellow employee, I feel my injured workers should be able to trust me.  

Another key function for success in my role is being able to pay strong attention to detail. Whether it is the ever changing laws and rules at the state level, an extensive medical report or a phone conversation with an injured worker, the smallest detail can change the course of the entire claim. In more than 10 years of processing Worker’s Compensation claims I can honestly say, no two claims will ever be the same. 

CF: To complete the investigation of a new claim in a timely manner. Obtain the necessary records, to make a proper decision on the compensability of a claim.

Q: What tools or resources does the City provide to be productive and effective in this role?

VN: There are so many resources available to our team. We have a manager that values the experience and knowledge of the team. She allows us to have input to affect change. We also have the backing of departments across the City. Several departments have allowed our team to come out and provide Workers’ Compensation training. This may sound like a resource for the departments but it has really been self-serving for our team. By providing training overviews to the departments it has decreased delays in Workers’ Compensation claim processing thus making it easier for our staff to make better informed decisions in a timely manner. 

CF: The Supervisor Safety Report and Employee Safety Report provide us the information needed to process the claims. The ability to attend industry seminars and continuing education. To keep abreast of trends and laws pertaining to workers compensation.

Q: What is great about your job?

VN: What isn’t great about my job? I work for the City that has taken care of my family for over 90 years! The City of Saint Paul’s workforce itself is its own family and I like to believe my position is a crucial part of the Saint Paul family. My position crosses departmental barriers. There isn’t one department we do not service. It is a great feeling knowing I am helping the individuals that service our community – the community my born family calls “home”. 

CF: The interaction with the various City of St. Paul Departments and Employees.