The following rules, approved by the Civil Service Commission and the City Council in accordance with the City Charter, shall govern employment by the City of Saint Paul.

These rules have been written for the purpose of giving direction and uniformity to the merit system and for attaining the objectives listed below for the City of Saint Paul.

  1. The recruitment and selection of qualified applicants for positions in the City service through adequate publicity, for entry-level positions, suitable promotion procedures, and legally and professionally approved testing programs.
  2. The provision of adequate and equitable compensation for all employees.
  3. The provision of training for employees, as needed, to allow each employee to realize their full potential as an employee and to ensure high-quality performance of duties by employees.
  4. The retention of employees on the basis of adequate performance, and the separation of employees on the basis of inadequate performance of job duties.
  5. The fair and impartial treatment of applicants and employees without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religious creed, or political affiliation.
  6. The protection of employees from coercion for partisan political purposes.
  7. The maintenance of accessible avenues of appeal for grievances of employees and applicants.
  8. The effective communication of personnel policies and procedures to applicants, employees, supervisors, department heads, and interested citizens.

Last Edited: November 16, 2020