Upon receipt of a requisition to fill a position for which there is no eligible list, the Human Resources Director may grant to the appointing officer who submitted the requisition, authority to make a provisional appointment.

Within sixty-days after the granting of a provisional appointment permit, the Human Resources Director shall, except in special cases, schedule an examination for such position. Special cases shall be for administrative purposes only, and shall be free of any conflict of interest such as nepotism.

A provisional appointment shall remain in force no longer than ten-days after the appointment and employment of an eligible from an appropriate eligible list. No person may be appointed to a provisional position who has been working as a temporary without the Human Resources Director's approval of a written request by the appointing officer.

Whenever discretionary changes are made in accordance with this section by the Human Resources Director, the effective date shall be preceded by a twenty-day public notice period. This period shall be initiated by notice to the recognized bargaining unit for the title affected and the affected departments. The Commission shall then determine whether the director's decision is consistent with merit principles.

Last Edited: July 7, 2016