In cases of temporary work, appointment officers may fill a vacant position with a temporary employee. The appointing officer must indicate in making such a request that such employment is in fact temporary. No person shall serve as a temporary employee more than 1040 working hours in any fiscal year. No person may work in excess of 1040 hours unless the Human Resources Director approves such extension prior to the use of the full 1040 hours.

Persons on appropriate eligible lists shall be given, at the discretion of the Human Resources Director, preference in temporary appointment, and their names shall remain on all eligible lists for regular employment.

The Human Resources Director may alter the number of working days permitted upon determination that market conditions warrant an adjustment.

Whenever discretionary changes are made in accordance with this section by the Human Resources Director, the effective date of the action shall be preceded by a twenty day public notice period. This period shall be initiated by notice to the recognized bargaining unit for the title affected and the affected departments.

Last Edited: July 7, 2016