Transfer may be made from a position to any similar position in the same department or to any other department, provided the appointing officer or officers concerned consent thereto, and provided also that such transfer does not operate as a promotion or reduction.


Transfer shall be allowed only where the examination upon which appointment of an employee was based was of a character and standard to test the fitness of such employee for the position to which it is proposed to make the transfer and where the minimum qualifications of the positions are substantially similar; or where the position to which the employee is to be transferred is in a classification in which the employee to be transferred has previously held a regular appointment.


Transfer may be made from any public agency having a merit system to the classified service of the City of St. Paul provided:

  1. The department head where the vacancy exists justifies the need for the transfer, which justification must include unusual or special job qualifications not otherwise available to the department.
  2. The employee to be transferred has current permanent or probationary status in a class of position at least equal to the position in which they are to be employed and meets the minimum qualifications as stated in the Commission's class specifications.
  3. Rights, benefits, and seniority as an employee in the classified service will commence with the first day of employment by the City.
  4. Sick leave accumulation may be transferred at the discretion of the department head but may not exceed what would have been earned as a City employee.


All transfers except as provided in Subsection A of this Section shall be subject to approval by the Human Resources Director. No transfer shall be made to avoid a layoff in any department.


Employees who transfer in accordance with the provisions of this Section shall serve a probationary period in accordance with Section 10 of these Rules.

Last Edited: April 2, 2020