25.A - New Positions

Whenever any new position is created, the Resolution creating that position shall provide in what class and grade the position shall be placed. Titles of classes of positions shall be as nearly as possible descriptive of the general duties attached to the class of positions and shall be the same for all positions within the class.

No title shall be created unless the Office of Human Resources determines that the duties of the proposed position are substantially different from those of every other existing class of positions.

Class titles shall be used in all payrolls and reports to and records of the Office of Human Resources.

25.B - Change of Position Titles on Employment Records

Any Resolution changing or modifying any position title shall be deemed authority for the Office of Human Resources to change the employment records of any employee who may be affected by such Resolution, and all payroll items of such employees shall thereafter conform to the new title.

25.C - Change of Duties

Whenever the duties of a position are changed so that they differ substantially from the duties prescribed when such position was originally classified, the Human Resources Director, subject to appeal to the Civil Service Commission, shall proceed to classify such position in accordance with this Section and to fill the same by examination and certification or by certification from an existing eligible list.

Whenever discretionary changes are made in accordance with this section by the Human Resources Director, the effective date of the action shall be preceded by a ten day public notice period. This period shall be initiated by notice to the recognized bargaining unit for the title affected and the affected departments.

Last Edited: April 1, 2020