Appointing officers shall make, among other reports, immediate report to the Office of Human Resources of the following:

  1. Appointments, whether emergency, temporary, permanent or provisional.
  2. Refusal or neglect by a person who has been certified to accept an appointment.
  3. Changes in the compensation of employees serving under the appointing officer.
  4. Suspension or reinstatement made by the appointing officer of any officer or employee.
  5. Transfer in the department or between departments as provided by these Rules.
  6. Every vacancy, leave of absence, resignation, or separation in the department and its cause.
  7. Creation or abolition of any office or place of employment in the department.
  8. Changes in the department organization with details for charting.
  9. Performance appraisal ratings of employees in the department as provided in these Rules.

Last Edited: April 2, 2020