The names of all applicants who pass the examination shall be placed on an eligible list in the order of their examination scores, and shall remain on the list until they are hired or until the list expires.  If any applicant’s scores are equal to the scores of anyone certified under Section 8.A. of these Rules, their names shall also be certified.  In the case of an open continuous examination, all applicants who pass the examination can be certified in accordance with Section 8 of these Rules as if there was a new examination for such title each day.  The names of those not immediately employed shall be placed on an eligible register in the order of their scores.

If any applicant is a Veteran, additional points shall be added to their score, in accordance with Minnesota State Law.

If two promotional eligible lists for the same position are in force, the second list shall be treated as a continuation of the first list.  Eligible lists shall remain in effect for a period of six months from the date of their establishment unless, at the sole discretion of the Director of Human Resources, it is determined that a longer duration list, not to exceed one year, would be advisable for the best interests of the City. The Human Resources Director may extend an eligible list for the title of Fire Fighter, for a period up to but not exceeding three years as may be advisable for the best interests of the City. 

The eligible list for Library Aide shall expire six months after the date it is established unless extended at the discretion of the Human Resources Director.

Examinations may be announced as open, internal only or promotion only.  Internal only shall refer to examinations open only to employees who have been certified into a classified position.  Promotion only shall refer only to classifications in the AFSCME Clerical and Technical bargaining units and sworn Police and Fire promotional examinations.

When an examination is scheduled for both promotion and original entrance, the names of eligibles shall be entered on separate eligible lists; those who have promotional rights shall have their names entered on a list called the “Promotion List”, and all other eligibles shall be entered on the list known as the “Open Entrance List”.  If there is a Veteran on the open eligible list and a promotion list exists, the lists shall be merged as an open eligible list.

Any person who resigns from the City Service shall not, during such separation, be certified from any eligible list as a promotion or internal eligible. 

If an applicant is included on more than one eligible list, and has been appointed from one list, the applicant shall be removed from all other lists for equivalent positions, but shall continue to be included on lists for higher-paying positions.

Whenever discretionary changes are made in accordance with this section by the Human Resources Director, the effective date of the action shall be preceded by a twenty-day public notice period.  This period shall be initiated by notice to the recognized bargaining unit for the title affected and the affected departments.

Last Edited: 9/8/22, per approved Resolution (RES-22-707) on 9/7/22

Last Edited: September 8, 2022