1. Vacant positions shall be filled in conformance with the current civil service rules and labor agreements.
  2. Positions that are open and unfilled due to employee illness or leave of absence shall not be considered as vacant positions.
  3. Before a contract worker may be used to fill a vacancy, the current eligible list for the title must be reviewed to determine if an eligible worker is available for the temporary work. No contract worker may be used to fill a vacancy if there is an eligible worker available for the temporary work. This provision shall not apply if the work is anticipated to last less than six weeks.
  4. When no eligible list exists for the position to be filled, a vacant position may be filled with a contract worker. The appointing officer must indicate in making such a request that such employment is in fact temporary. No person shall serve as a contract worker for more than 1,040 hours, unless the Human Resources Director approves such extension before the use of the full 1,040 hours. Under no circumstances can the hours be extended beyond 2,080 hours.

Last Edited: August 31, 2016