Effective May 1, 1989

Department Director Expense Accounts may be established in a Director's budget activity using object code 0528 (expenditure from contingent fund). Payment for public purpose expenses may be made from this account, according to the following allowances, on a pay voucher, signed by the department director (a designee is not acceptable) and accompanied by a receipt or invoice and a statement of City benefit has been submitted. Expenses of a personal nature are unacceptable. In a City Attorney's opinion, public purpose has been generally construed to mean "...such an activity as will serve as a benefit to the community as a body and, at the same time, is directly related to the functions of government." The directors of Community Services, Technology and Management Services, Fire, Planning and Economic Development, Police, and Public Works; along with the Executive Assistant to the Mayor, the Budget Director, the City Attorney, the City Clerk, the Personnel Director, the Director of Human Rights, Deputy Mayor, Council Research Director, Water Utility General Manager and the Managing Director of the Civic Center will be eligible.$2,000 maximum will be allowed per director per year. The following allowable items have been reviewed by the City Attorney's Office and have been determined to be expenses of public purpose by the Mayor and City Council:

Meeting / Meals

When employees are not traveling out of town, meal expenses will generally not be allowed. Payment or reimbursement for local professional or civic organization lunches, meetings or seminars where the topic is related to the function of the director will be allowed. Reimbursement for business meals will be allowed, in accordance with the Runzheimer Index, when business cannot be done at an alternative time. The director will be responsible for determining the benefit to the City, and specifying the public purpose in writing. No payment will be allowed if only City employees are present. Reimbursement for coffee and pastry for department head meetings is permissible if City employees are present. The director will be responsible for determining the benefit to the City, and specifying the public purpose in writing, including copies of minutes kept.

Gifts and Contributions

Contributions up to $50 to City employee recognition and retirement commemorations on behalf of the director will be allowed when he or she is representing the City.

Payment or reimbursement will be allowed of up to fifty dollars for flowers and other token gifts for well wishes and sympathetic greetings for employees.

Payments for the following items are specifically disallowed by this policy:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Membership to a private club
  • Expenditures budgeted for in other line item accounts; including but not limited to:
    • Professional association dues not required as a condition of employment
    • Furniture or office supplies
    • Transportation expense

Last Edited: October 31, 2016