August 16, 1984 letter to Department Directors from Mayor George Latimer

When employees are not traveling on City business, meals are not reimbursed.Guest (non-employee) meals are generally not reimbursed. They may be reimbursed when an immediate benefit accrues to the City from the meeting. The request for expense reimbursement of guest meals must include the following:

  • Guest's name and title
  • Explanation of public purpose or benefit to the City
  • Receipt

Liquor costs continue as non-reimbursable, unless a public purpose is clearly indicated, such as meetings to promote City economic development. A list of people and organizations represented is to accompany requests for reimbursement. Requests and documentation require department and office director approval.*

  • Overtime Meal Reimbursement - When employees are required to work overtime because of emergency situations, employee meal costs may be reimbursed.
  • Police Operations - This procedure is not intended to cover all circumstances relating to police informant and undercover activities. There is a separate procedure for that.

* Note: Conflicts of Interest and Government Ethics Guidance was issued by the City Attorney's Office on May 11, 1994 regarding conflict of interest and related legal restrictions pertaining to State ethics law effective August 1, 1994.

Last Edited: August 2, 2021