An appointing officer, with approval from the Human Resources Director, may enter into an agreement with the appointee or employee for relocation expenses if the appointee/employee incurs a move of over 200 miles as a result of the change of employment.


Prior to the relocation, the appointing officer and the employee will execute a written agreement describing the specific expenses and limitations which will be eligible for reimbursement. The section below regarding reimbursable expenses will be used as a guideline for developing this written agreement. Expenses not covered by this guideline will need to be approved by the Human Resources Director prior to the execution of the written agreement. The appointee or employee must agree to remain in city employment for twelve months unless terminated by the employer and to relocate within the city of Saint Paul.


The pre-agreement will be prepared based on an administrative order authorized by the Human Resources Director for the payment of relocation expenses. The Human Resources Director and the appointing officer will consider existing guidelines and the individual circumstances in determining reasonable amounts and categories of reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement may not exceed $10,000, unless the City Council approves additional amounts due to special circumstances. All amounts of reimbursement must be included in the budget of the office or department affected.

Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursement for an employee may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Travel expenses of employee for up to two house-hunting visits if the move is greater than 200 miles one way. If travel is by privately owned vehicle the reimbursement rate will be at the current federal allowable mileage rate.
  • Travel expenses of employee to new location.
  • Expenses for alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.
  • The cost of packing and moving household goods and personal affects.
  • Temporary storage not to exceed 90 days.
  • Temporary living expenses not to exceed 90 days.


Advances for moving expenses are available after the pre-agreement has been executed and not less than ten days before eligible expenses are incurred. Advances are to be reconciled with actual expenses with a balance either refunded by or paid to the employee within 30 days of payment. In the event there is a failure of the employee to reconcile the advance, the Office of Human Resources, is authorized to recover the advance with payroll adjustments.

Receipts Required

Original copies of the following receipts are to be submitted: airline tickets, hotel/motel receipts, moving and packing invoices, and temporary storage receipts. In general, receipts are required for all reimbursable items except meals during the relocation.

Tax Implications

IRS regulations require certain reimbursement to be included on individual taxable earnings. It will be the Office of Human Resources' responsibility to include these items as appropriate on employee’s W-2 taxable earnings. Effective January 1992 (updated 2013, 2020)

Last Edited: October 30, 2020