Reporting Suspected Misconduct

There are multiple ways an employee of the City of Saint Paul may choose to submit a report of suspected misconduct. The options listed below are not all required; you may select how you'd prefer to submit the Incident Report. You may do one of the following:

1. In Writing: Download the Incident Report Form from the button below, fill it out, and:
           a) Email it to
           b) Return to supervisor, or
           c) Return to HR Liaison, or
           d) Return to Department Director, or
           e) Central Human Resources (651-266-6500).

2. Anonymously: Through the online Anonymous Reporting button below, or by utilizing the downloadable and printable form.
           a) Please note that anonymous reporting is welcome, but follow up will not be possible.
           b) Employees can return the downloadable Incident Report Form (without including names) to their supervisor, HR Liaison, or Department Director. The                     form should be emailed to without disclosing the employee's name.

3. Electronically, but not anonymously, through the button below.

4. Verbally, to:
           a) Complainant's Supervisor, or
           b) HR Liaison, or
           c) Department Director, or
           d) Central Human Resources (651-266-6500).

All Verbal Reports must be documented in writing on the Incident Report Form (electronic or fillable form emailed to

Last Edited: March 23, 2023