The CERT ESBE program is a race- and gender-neutral program designed to provide greater access to public contracting to very small local businesses. The ESBE program complements efforts by CERT Board Executive Members to increase their spending with local small businesses.

Eligibility for the ESBE program is the same as SBE qualifications, except that the size standard for ESBE eligibility is greatly reduced. For example, general contractors with average gross annual revenues of $39 million are be eligible to be certified as an SBE. To qualify as an ESBE as a general contractor, a business cannot average more than $4.0 million in annual revenue.

Eligible businesses who apply for CERT certification will be automatically designated as an ESBE. There is no additional certification process for ESBE designation.

          View the CERT Executive Board Resolution adopting the ESBE size standards.

Last Edited: February 29, 2024