Contract Compliance & Business Development


The Contract Compliance and Business Development Division ensures that the entire community can participate in the economic life of the City of Saint Paul. Contract Compliance is responsible for several compliance and business development functions including:

  • Assisting contractors doing business with the City of Saint Paul meet contract compliance obligations; 
  • Assisting minority-owned, women-owned, small businesses and Section 3 businesses learn about and seek business opportunities with the City of Saint Paul, including training and capacity building;
  • Ensuring contractors doing business with the City of Saint Paul have an up-to-date and approved Affirmative Action / Equal Employment Opportunity plan; and 
  • Ensuring prevailing wage(s) and other labor standards requirements are met. 


Monthly Major Projects Report

The Monthly Major Projects Report offers a snapshot of Affirmative Action, Vendor Outreach, and HUD Section 3 goals, and provides updates on Labor Standards compliance monitoring on large development projects in the city.