Advisory Committee on Aging (ACOA)


  • 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • Second Wednesday of the month
  • Locations vary

Powers & Duties

  • Promoting the dignity and independence of Saint Paul's aging population.
  • Examining current City services and programs and submitting recommendations to the Mayor.
  • Advising the Mayor regarding City ordinances affecting older residents.
  • Identifying the needs and recognizing the contributions of seniors.
  • Working to improve inter-generational opportunities in the city.
  • Advocating on issues that impact seniors.

Additional Information

Read ACOA's report, Reframing Aging: Opportunities for Aging in Community

Review the accomplishments of the Advisory Committee on Aging in the 2015 Annual Report,  January 2016 Reframing Aging report, and the Housing Forum Report from Advisory Committee's March 2015 Housing Forum.

Learn more about Saint Paul's 8-80 Vitality Initiative which promotes livable cities where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are safe, invigorated and welcomed by their community.

The executive summary of the Advisory Committee on Aging's Lifetime Communities Project Report was published in November 2013. The report was funded by the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging (MAAA) and submitted by the City of Saint Paul in assessment of the city's readiness to adopt a Lifetime Communities model of planning.

Apply Today!

There are two ways to apply:

1) To apply online, please visit our Online Committee Application.

2) Download an Application. Print out this application, fill it out and mail it in at the address below.

You can apply for more than one committee per application. Mayor Coleman encourages applicants to get recommendations from their City Councilmembers.

Please return applications to:
Office of the Mayor
390 City Hall
15 Kellogg Blvd., West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Phone: 651-266-8516
Fax: 651-266-8521

Committee Member Requirements

List of criteria:

  • 15 members – 9 of whom have to be 55 years or older
  • St. Paul residency – not required

Committee chair: Kathy Kelso
Mayor's Office contact: Peter Grafstrom, or call 651-266-8516