Truth in Sale of Housing Board of Evaluators


The Board meets in January, April, July, and October.

Member Requirements

Size: Nine members

  • A Property Code Enforcement Manager or his/her designee
  • A building trades representative
  • A legal profession representative
  • A financial community representative
  • A contracting business representative
  • A real estate business representative
  • An architectural or engineering profession representative
  • Two general public representatives

Saint Paul Residency: Not required Term: Three years
Staff: Connie Sandberg - 651-266-1935

Powers & Duties

The Board serves as a watchdog for home buyers by ensuring that information on the physical condition of homes for sale is available. It also develops and enforces a code of ethics as well as testing standards for truth-in-housing evaluators.




Complete an application online or print one out and mail it in. You can apply for more than one committee per application. Mayor Carter encourages applicants to get recommendations from their City Councilmembers. 

Please send applications to: 
ATTN: Noel Nix
Office of the Mayor 
390 City Hall 15 Kellogg Blvd.West 
Saint Paul, MN 55102. Phone: 

For a complete list of boards, committees and commissions, please see the list to the right-hand side of this screen. For questions about the application process please contact Noel Nix via email at

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