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Energy Assessment and Study Assistance Programs

  • Xcel Energy’s Multi-family Building Efficiency program offers a free, whole-building energy audit, free consulting support and, some on-site installations, resulting in incentive-based solutions to help multifamily building managers address whole-building energy efficiencies.
  • Xcel Energy’s Turn Key Services is a low-cost, ASHRAE Level 1 energy assessment that includes a detailed energy report, a recommissioning study for buildings 5,000 – 75,000 square feet, and/or free project implementation assistance and bundled rebates for efficiency projects.
  • Xcel Energy’s Recommissioning Study rebate provides study funding up for to 75% of the cost (max. $25,000), rebates for implementing energy conservation opportunities, and fast-track rebates for improvements based on a non-Xcel Energy study. Tune up existing functional systems to run as efficiently as possible through low- and no-cost improvements. 
    • Note: This rebate requires pre-approval by Xcel Energy prior to business starting the project or study.
  • Saver’s Switch saves on cooling operational costs. By enrolling, Xcel Energy gets permission to cycle air conditioning on and off in 15-20 minute intervals during times of high electricity demand. Most participants notice no difference in the cooling of their building, but see savings on their utility bill.
  • EnergySmart offers businesses free energy assessments, assistance in prioritizing energy projects, and shares rebate and financing information to improve project paybacks.
  • EnerChange offers non-profits and churches free energy assessments and energy-saving recommendations with payback calculations.

Financial Programs and Rebates

Last Edited: May 11, 2022