There are many options for Saint Paul residents to save energy and use renewable energy for their home. In a 2018 survey conducted jointly by the City of Saint Paul and Xcel Energy, one out of five residents reported facing high energy bills, drafty rooms, or rooms that were too hot or cold. At the same time, only 30 percent of residents reported having a Home Energy Squad visit from Xcel Energy, an easy first step. Below are three easy things residents can do to save energy and carbon.

  • A visit from the Home Energy Squad can help to lower energy bills and evaluate your energy saving opportunities. A free visit is available to income-qualified households.
  • Enroll in Windsource®, a voluntary renewable subscription program that lets residents easily source their electricity from wind.
  • Find discounted LED bulbs at participating retailers. LED bulbs create the same amount of light as traditional bulbs, but use up to 85% less energy.

Sign up for Home Energy Squad Enroll in Windsource® Find Discounted LED Bulbs

About Energize Saint Paul
Mayor Carter speaking to a group.

Energize Saint Paul was launched by Mayor Carter in 2018 to reduce the burden of energy costs as well as the dangerous effects of climate change in Saint Paul. Knowing that on average, Saint Paul households spend $1,424 per year on electricity and natural gas, the City and its partners want to help you save money while increasing the quality and comfort of your home. Making your home more efficient is also critical to the city as a whole because residences account for about 19% of our city’s total greenhouse gas footprint, and greenhouse gases are causing the climate to change. 

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Last Edited: April 23, 2019