The Labor Standards Advisory Committee (LSAC)


The Labor Standards Advisory Committee (LSAC) is tasked with advising and supporting the Labor Standards Enforcement and Education Division. LSAC will balance the interests of businesses and employees in the City of Saint Paul to support the business community and promote a just and safe work environment. LSAC membership should reflect the diversity of the City of Saint Paul as well as industry/occupational diversity.

Applications are being accepted for the LSAC. APPLY here and click "Apply" to complete an application to serve on the LSAC. 

LSAC Meetings

The monthly LSAC meetings are scheduled to occur in person on the second Thursday of every month. Members of the public are welcome to attend. 

Assistance and accommodations, including language interpretation, may be requested by contacting the Labor Standards Division at or 651-266-8966.

Member Requirements:

Size: 16 Members, 6 employers, 6 employees, 4 at-large community representatives. To the extent practicable, LSAC employer members will be staffed to represent all business size categories as established in Saint Paul Legislative Code Chapter 224 as well as employers and employees impacted by the minimum wage adjustments in Sec. 224.04.

Residency: Strive to fill a majority of the seats with City of Saint Paul residents and represent Saint Paul ward diversity.

Term: Eight (8) members shall serve an initial term if two (2) years, and eight (8) members shall serve an initial term of three years. After the expiration of the initial term all members shall serve a term of two (2) years.

Term Limit: Three (3) Terms

Staff Contact:


Power and Duties:

  1. Advise and support labor standards division in the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and rules related to Saint Paul Legislative Code, Chapter 224 (minimum wage) and 233 (earned sick and safe time);
  2. Assess division policies and initiatives related to chapters 233 and 224 on an ongoing basis to provide feedback on success and opportunities for improvement;
  3. Recommend actions the Labor Standards Division can take to improve strategic community outreach and education efforts with a focus on the ongoing assistance and economic impacts for vulnerable workers, businesses, and neighborhoods in the City of Saint Paul;
  4. Support the Labor Standards Division’s strategy development, implementation, and reassessment for strategic enforcement and strategic outreach;
  5. Explore and recommend to the Labor Standards Division City-wide opportunities and resources to help small businesses reduce costs, increase revenue, and optimize business operation to make it easier for businesses to operate within the City of Saint Paul;
  6. Support the Labor Standards Division in the creation of the annual report to the City Council.
  7. Assist the Labor Standards Division with establishing new, and strengthening existing community partnerships;
  8. Engage business owners, workers, and community stake holders to gather feedback and recommendations related to current and future labor standards practices, industry-specific working conditions, and the safety and health of workers to provide the division and to the mayor for consideration; and
  9. Elect its own officers and make its own rules for the conduct of business.

Committee Documents

To access other documents, minutes, and packets, click the "Documents..." dropdown menu next to your meeting in the table below.

Last Edited: October 18, 2023