The Mississippi River Knows No Boundaries

The Great River Passage Initiative has taken on this role of convener, bringing together stakeholders with vested interests in the river to share information about what they do. Along with convening, we function as a clearinghouse for Mississippi River information, gathering and sharing information to create informed decision-makers, facilitate communication, build partnerships, and spark joint funding and advocacy opportunities. To truly capitalize on the collective opportunities in front of us, GRPI hold the center, bringing the different pieces together, and form a coherent approach.

Historically, river-oriented institutions, organizations and businesses have functioned in isolation. The Great River Passage Initiative saw an opportunity to take a comprehensive, integrated approach to the strategic development and programming of the river, bringing stakeholders together to introduce their river projects and programs, providing information and opportunities to collaborate.

The Common Water

A series of meetings and walkabouts was established to share information about Twin Cities stakeholder capital projects and programs. In these meetings, implementation strategies were discussed in addition to the challenges and opportunities. These discussions occurred in an effort to be aware of and support one another’s work, identify potential partnerships and create a vibrant stretch of river that enhances the larger community.

Last Edited: July 15, 2021