Looking to gain more exposure for your organization while supporting a good cause? Consider sponsoring signage at an athletic facility in Saint Paul. Sponsorship is a great way to spread your message while financially supporting, maintaining, and enhancing many athletic facilities around the city. In addition, your sponsorship will help to improve the City of Saint Paul's youth athletics program. A variety of unique sponsorship opportunities await your organization's message and logo. During the spring, summer, and fall, outdoor softball and baseball fence signage is displayed prominently to spectators. Hockey board signage is also available in the winter. Your initial investment options range from $300–$2000 annually.

Location Size Availability Seasonal Investment
McMurray Ice Rinks
Hockey Board Signage 3x4 60 $300/$250
Multiple Signage 3x4 20 $1000
*Annual exposure: 28,880 visitors
Dunning Baseball / Softball
Complex Baseball Stadium 3x8 60 $600/$500
Softball Fields 3x4 120 $600/$500
Scoreboard Signage 4x10 2 $2000
*Annual exposure: 30,000 visitors
Rice and Arlington Complex
Softball Fields 3x4 120 $600/$500
*Annual exposure: 45,000 visitors
Arlington/Arkwright 3x8 25 $600/$500

Last Edited: March 6, 2018