Saint Paul Park Security is committed to serving park patrons by ensuring the safe and peaceful use of parks for all and by protecting park property and facilities through education and fair courteous enforcement of Park Rules and Regulations.

Saint Paul Park Security officers are tasked with providing a secure and safe environment for park visitors and staff. Park Security actively patrols each of the over 170 parks across 4,500 acres in Saint Paul. Park Security Officers also strive to be a friendly presence at recreation centers and facilities. Park Security Officers assist park patrons and staff with many of the following situations:

  • Finding lost children
  • Directing lost visitors
  • Responding to alarms at facilities
  • Securing and unlocking gates, doors, and restrooms
  • Routine patrol of park areas and facilities
  • Traffic control
  • Enforcing park rules and regulations
  • Issuing citations when necessary

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Park Rules and Regulations

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Last Edited: December 22, 2023