Skygate Picture at Ecolab Plaza
Artist Name: Designed by R.M. Fischer and fabricated by American Structural Steel 
Media: Stainless steel and acrylic
Date Created: 1/1/2000
Location: Ecolab Plaza
History: The crystalline forms of Saint Paul’s historic ice palaces and garden gateway structures inspired Fischer with the design for Skygate, created for the “New Millennium” project in Saint Paul.  The jewel-like blue acrylic sphere, which glows blue at night, refers to the water and the sky.  The combination of the sphere and the stainless steel rings represent the infinity of time and space.  Unfortunately, immediately after unveiling, the piece began to rust alarmingly until 2004, when it was treated to survive the harsh Minnesota weather.  

Fischer often utilizes art, architecture, design, fashion, and technological elements in his sculptures.  Many of his pieces incorporate unusual lighting elements.

Last Edited: March 5, 2018