YJ1 (Youth Jobs 1)

YJ2 (Youth Jobs 2)

Types of Jobs

Admissions and Concessions Pool Attendant
Assistant Tennis Coach
Boatbuilding Apprentice
Child Enrichment Assistant
Community Outreach Intern
Conservation Crew Member
Cook Fresh Intern
Day Camp Worker
EMS Cadet
Bike Shop Apprentice
FilmNorth Youth Filmmaker
Food Shelf Assistants
Interpretive Services Rep
Keystone Teen Tech Center Assistant
Library Worker
Marketing Intern
Market Garden Intern
Youth Mentor
Meal Program Worker
Office Administrative Assistant
Play Team Member
Radio Worker
Recreation Assistant
Screen Printing Intern
Summer Camp Coach
Summer Day Camp Assistant
Teen Tech Crew
Teen Tutor
Track I Intern
Vehicle Maintenance
Warehouse Assistant
Wellness Student Assistant
Woodworking Intern
Youth Media Productions Assistant
Youth and Child Worker
And more…

Administrative Office Work 
Animal Control 
Athletics Director 
Architecture Intern 
Arts Program Intern 
Automotive Intern 
Bank Teller 
Budget Intern 
Community Advancement Intern 
Community Engagement Intern 
Conservation Intern 
Council Member – Office assistant 
Court Administration Intern 
Customer Service Associate 
Dairy & Meat Inspection Division Intern 
Digital Media Intern 
Desktop Support Assistant 
DNR Parks & Trails Intern 
Electric Distribution Design Intern 
Engineering Aid 
Environmental, Health & Safety/Legal Assistant 
Events & Communication Intern 
Facilities Environment & Construction Intern 
Finance Intern 
Fire Department Intern 
Fish & Wildlife Education Intern 
Food Shelf Assistant 
Gas Operations Helper Intern 
Human Resources Assistant 
Information Technology (IT) Intern 
Lab Technician Assistant 
Labor Standards Intern 
Laboratory Operations Aide 
Library Intern 
Marketing Intern 
Medical Intern – Health Services 
Parks & Trails Planning Intern 
Pedestrian Safety Associate 
Plant Protection Division Intern 
Program Assistant 
Research Assistant 
Resident Companion 
Sustainability Education Intern  
Sustainability Science Intern 
Technical Assistant 
Technology Intern (STEM) 
Transportation Data Assistant 
Tech Instructor 
Vehicle Technician Intern 
Youth Media Productions Assistant 
Youth Worker 
And more… 

Professional Skills Training

1-2 days of required training. Trainings are paid for as part of your worked hours per week. Additional paid trainings will be offered throughout the summer 6 weeks (2 hours per week) of mandatory paid trainings. Trainings are paid by employer as part of your internship.


  • Must live in the city of St. Paul
  • Must be 14 years old before June 1 and no older than 21 years old on June 1
  • Must have a barrier to employment
  • Must live in the city of St. Paul
  • Must be 16 years old before June 1 and no older than 21 years old on June 1
  • Must have a barrier to employment
  • Must have previous work or volunteer experience

Hours Per Week

Up to 15 hours 15 to 40 hours 

Hourly Wage

$10.00 Min $12.50 but most employers pay more.

Employers That Host Interns








Boys and Girls Clubs 
Cerenity Senior Care 
Como Park Zoo & Conservatory 
City of Saint Paul Human Resources 
CommonBond Communities 
Conservation Corps of MN 
Cookie Cart 
District 1 Community Council 
Dunning Boosters 
Elpis Enterprises 
Keystone Community Services 
Neighborhood House 
Project for Pride in Living 
Saint Paul Aquatics 
Saint Paul Natural Resources 
Saint Paul Public Library 
Saint Paul Parks & Recreation 
Saint Paul Urban Tennis 
The Salvation Army 
The Sanneh Foundation 
Tree Trust 
Urban Boatbuilders 
Urban Roots 



CapitolRiver Council 
Cerenity Senior Care 
City of St. Paul Departments (Libraries, Parks, DSI, HR, Finance) 
Ever-Green Energy 
Fairview HealthEast 
Children’s Minnesota 
Heppner's Auto Body 
Hiway Federal Credit Union 
Irreducible Grace Foundation  
Keystone Community Services 
League of MN Cities 
Macqueen Equipment 
MN State Departments (Agriculture, Health) 
Ramsey County (Attorneys' Office, Health) 
Regions Hospital 
Saint Paul Urban Tennis 
University of Minnesota 
US Bank 
Visible City 
Vivacity Tech PBC 
Wells Fargo 
Xcel Energy 

Who Handles Your Payroll

Payroll for all YJ1 jobs is through the City of Saint Paul. You will need to complete a payroll paperwork before you can start work. Right Track will help with this.  Payroll for all YJ2 jobs are handled by the employer. You will need to meet with them before your start date or on your first day of work to get this setup. 

Job Coaches

Job coaches will meet with you and your supervisor a few times throughout the summer to make sure everything is going well. 

Job coaches will meet with you and your supervisor a few times throughout the summer to make sure everything is going well. Job Coaches will also be available during the weekly trainings. 

Getting Matched With A Job


You will attend a Career Exploration event where you get to meet with several employers/supervisors who you will setup interviews with. If an employers would like to hire you, they will offer you a position in April or May.  You will attend one of our Interview Day sessions and be interviewed by a Right Track staff, volunteer, or employer. Employers will have the option to request you as their intern (if they interviewed you) or after interviews, Right Track staff will match you with a position based on your interests and skills, as well as the employer’s requirements. An offer would then be made to you of which you can accept or turn down. Keep in mind, turning down a position may result in no additional positions being offered to you. 

Other Benefits


  • Jobs in your neighborhood
  • Limited and flexible hours so you can participate in other summer programs
  • Pre-employment training on resume building and interviewing skills
  • Career Exploration Day - talk with many different employers at one event
  • Free unlimited metro bus pass for the summer
  • Intern Handbook provided for trainings
  • Professional Networking session to with St. Paul Professionals
  • End of Summer Award Celebration
  • Make lasting connections with other ambitious youth

Where Do You Apply


Apply Here


Apply Here

Youth Jobs Pro

Advanced internships run by partner organizations that build skills for specific careers.


​Right Track encourages participation by persons with disabilities.  If you need an accommodation to fully participate in the Right Track program, contact Right Track staff directly at RightTrack@ci.stpaul.mn.us or call us at (651) 266-6363

Last Edited: July 15, 2021