Youth Jobs 1 (YJ1)

YJ1 provides you the opportunity to develop fundamental job skills to build on throughout your life. Learning about time management, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative will help you now as a teen and as an adult. Most positions work at community organizations, recreation centers, and other city of Saint Paul offices for 15 hours a week and earn minimum wage, the skills learned will be transferable to any position in your future. Some examples of positions are working with younger youth, filing/office support, selling concessions, gardening, mentoring, working with technology or media, and more.  

Youth Jobs 2 (YJ2)

YJ2 provides you access to resume-building internships in a variety of professional settings. Interns are placed at for-profit, nonprofit, and public-sector agencies throughout Saint Paul. Interns earn at least $15.00 an hour and work between 15 and 40 hours a week. As a YJ2 intern, you may work at a Fortune 500 company, with a small nonprofit, or even at a family-owned business. Every opportunity is unique and allows you to grow and develop new skills within or outside of the field you are interested in. Some examples of positions are bank teller, engineering aid, desktop support, marketing, media production, health care, and more. 

Youth Jobs Pro

Advanced internships run by partner organizations that build skills for specific careers.


​Right Track encourages participation by persons with disabilities.  If you need an accommodation to fully participate in the Right Track program, contact Right Track staff directly at or call us at (651) 266-6363

Last Edited: February 15, 2024