Furness Parkway Path Extension

OverviewFurness Parkway is a 16-block linear park following a former street-car line right-of-way just west of McKnight Road, and extends from Maryland Avenue to Larpenteur Avenue. It also extends south of Maryland Avenue on the North Hazel Street right-of-way to Jessamine Avenue.

The park had initial development in the early 1980’s which constructed pathways on the middle 8 blocks from Ivy Avenue to Hoyt Avenue. Other improvements done included site cleanup and grading, installed several benches, and planted trees.

This new project is to complete pathway development and improvements throughout the length. Primary items include:

  • Extending path paving from Maryland Avenue to Ivy Avenue, and from Hoyt Avenue to Larpenteur Avenue.
  • Install pathway lighting.
  • Additional grading and seeding to improve the appearance and maintainability. Tree pruning will also be done for path safety and tree health.
  • Signage as required.
  • Benches and trash receptacles.
  • Property line fencing as appropriate at adjacent private property.
  • Tree planting as needed.
  • Install crosswalks over the parkway at Arlington Avenue and Sherwood Avenue.

This project has been approved for financing by the City’s Capital Improvement Budget, with partial funding coming in budget years 2006, 2007, and 2009.


Meeting Notes

Project InformationProject Manager: Brian TourtelottePhone: 651-266-6400