COVID-19 Information for City Employees

We are continuing to follow public health official guidance, and understand the spread of COVID-19 has created an array of employee questions including concerns of exposure to the coronavirus, the practice of social distancing, and adapting to changing family circumstances caused by school closures, sickness, or isolation of a family member.   

Coronavirus (COVID-19) HR Information for City Employees

Office of Human Resources Services

The Office of Human Resources services include:

  • Coordinating City-wide recruitment and assessment
  • Conducting contract negotiations
  • Providing employee and organization development
  • Administering employee benefits, workers' compensation, employee compensation and job classification
  • Providing risk management administration
  • Promoting a diverse employee workforce


Be a strategic leader and partner, promoting organizational and individual effectiveness.


  • Act in the best interests of the City.
  • Foster diversity, equitable treatment, and teamwork.
  • Invest in and provide quality products and services, enabling departments to meet their objectives.
  • Promote effective, efficient, flexible services.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Recognize, invest in, and value Human Resources staff and their accomplishments.


To attract, develop, and retain a diverse, professional workforce, and to minimize risk through integrated, strategic policies and procedures.

Our Commitment to Equity

As the capital city of Minnesota, Saint Paul is a community that believes in fostering inclusivity and equality, creating spaces where everyone's voice is heard and valued. We strive to uplift and serve our residents and City of Saint Paul employees with dignity and respect, and center humanity and autonomy in all that we do. 

We recognize the need to address systems and beliefs that perpetuate harm and inequity against marginalized peoples and are committed to dismantling racism, prejudice, bias, and discrimination in all forms. By engaging all our communities in the process of governing, we ensure our residents stand to benefit from the policies we build together. 

Our leaders are guided by an unapologetic equity agenda, which promotes the belief that true equity is building a city that works for all of us.

-Official Equity Statement for the City of Saint Paul

Last Edited: July 22, 2024