Tort Claims

The City of Saint Paul is self-insured and as such all non-litigated tort claims are handled by Risk Management staff in the Office of Human Resources.  Litigated claims are handled by the City of Saint Paul’s City Attorney Office. 

If a citizen wishes to file a tort claim against the City of Saint Paul, the Saint Paul Regional Water Services, the HRA, or a City employee (while in the course and scope of their employment), they will need to complete and submit a “Notice of Claim Form” per Minnesota Statute 466.05. 

More information about the tort claim process can be found on the City Clerk’s Claim page and you can also obtain the Notice of Claim Form.  Once the form is completed and submitted, it takes, on average four to fourteen weeks for an investigation to be conducted.  You will be notified, in writing, once your claim has been received, and again, in writing, once a decision has been made on your claim. 

Workers Compensation

The Risk Management staff handles the workers compensation claims for any City of Saint Paul or Saint Paul Regional Water Services employee who is injured in the course and scope of their employment. 

The rules and statutes covering workers compensation are set forth by the State of Minnesota’s Department of Labor & Industry (  

Please follow link to the Workers Compensation page for more information and forms about Workers Compensation.

Proof of Self-Insurance

The City of Saint Paul is self-insured under Minnesota Statute 466.04.  There are no insurance policies in place for general liability, automobile or workers compensation insurance.  The City does purchase property insurance.   Risk Management staff can provide letters of self-insurance for events, contracts or other reasons by completing the form at this link

Last Edited: April 6, 2023