City of Saint Paul Property Tax Estimator

The City of Saint Paul has created a property tax estimator to allow residents to understand estimated changes in their property taxes from year to year. Use this new tool to see how the restructured street maintenance program and other changes may impact your property taxes.

Disclaimer: These calculations are strictly estimates and should not be considered binding or relied upon for planning purposes.

These calculations apply to a residential homestead property. If you have another type of property (rental home, apartment, commercial, etc.) and would like an estimate, please contact the Office of Financial Services.

Property values are assigned by the County Assessor. Don’t know your value? You can look it up.

A typical residential lot in Saint Paul has 40 front feet and 40 alley feet. A typical corner residential lot has 160 front feet and 40 alley feet. If you don’t know your footage, use these numbers as estimates.

This estimator assumes residential street class for the 2017 Right-of-Way approximation, and residential (non-arterial) class 3 street and class 4 alley for 2017 and 2018 Street Maintenance Service Program. If your house is not on a residential street and you’d like a more detailed information than this estimator provides, please contact the Office of Financial Services.

Comparison of City Taxes and Fees

  Payable 2017 Payable 2018 Change
Market Value  
City Tax
Right-of-Way (former program)    
Street Maintenance Service Program  

Right-of-Way/Street Maintenance Service Program Fees

  Payable 2017 Payable 2018
Street Maintenance Service Program Subtotal  
Street Maintenance Service Program Total (less corner property subsidy if applicable)  
Former Right-of-Way Program *
* For comparison only. This is an approximation of what you would have paid on the former program.
Street Maintenance Service Program *
* The new Street Maintenance Service Program is effective for services performed beginning in 2017.
Street Sweeping  
Alley Sweeping  
Seal Coating (Street) *  
Seal Coating (Alley) *
* Seal coating happens every 8 years on residential streets. Taxpayers can choose to spread the cost over 8 years. This number reflects an 8-year spread.

Why are my payments changing?

Your total payments to the City may change for a few reasons.

Total Estimated Change in City Costs, 2018 vs. 2017  
1. Property Value Change *
* This is the amount of change you would have seen in your taxes even without a City property tax levy increase. It's driven by the change in value of your property relative to all changes in property values across the city, as well as other tax shifts.
2. Street Maintenance Service Program *
* In response to a Minnesota Supreme Court ruling, the way the City charges property owners for some street maintenance services has changed from fees to property taxes. These changes mean street maintenance fees will drop and property taxes will increase.
3. Operating Levy *
* This is the change in taxes due to a proposed City property tax levy increase. Under the Mayor's proposed budget, 19% of the levy growth (approximately 4/5th of the increase) is because of the change in how street maintenance programs are paid for. The other 4.9% of levy growth (approximately 1/5th of the increase) goes towards funding annual cost growth in city services and strategic investments proposed by the Mayor.
Estimated City Levy Increase due to Street Maintenance Service Program Changes  
Estimated City Levy Increase due to Cost Growth and Proposed Investments  

Please visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue for information about property tax refunds.