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  • Composting 101 Workshop registration is open! Learn what compost is, how to compost, and receive a free compost starter kit! Find details and sign up on the webpage Backyard Compost Workshops
  • The 2022 Citywide Recycling Drop-off Events have been scheduled! Find details on the page Recycling Drop-offs Events 

  • There is a NEW 24/7 food scraps (organics) drop-off site located in the Highland Park neighborhood! Find details on the Food Scraps Recycling Page

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Residential Recycling

City of Saint Paul provides recycling services to all residents. Click here to find info on program basics, acceptable materials, recycling drop-off center information, and more.

Residential Recycling Information

Accepted Materials

Find a detailed list of what you can and cannot put in your recycling container, cart, or dumpster.

Accepted Materials List

Collection Information

Information on how to use your cart, collection schedules, collection misses, and more.

Collection Information

Reduce and Reuse

Learn ways to cut down on waste by choosing to reduce and reuse.

Reduce and Reuse

Come Clean!

The Come Clean! programs work to help address litter in our neighborhoods and dispose of problematic materials. Find out how you can participate.

Come Clean! Program

Household Organics

More than 30% of residential garbage is food scraps and other organics material. You can reduce the amount of these materials in your garbage with the household organics program.

Household Organics Recycling

Last Edited: July 12, 2022